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Published: 05th October 2011
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She did not have any problems sewing it in for me and she gave me some additional instructions as to how I was supposed to care for my curly weave and my own natural hair while I had the weave. I made sure that I purchased the shampoo, conditioner, and detangling spray that my hair stylist had recommended so that I could take really good care of my curly weave.

Within the first week of having my curly weave, I noticed that the ends were looking a little frizzy. I called my hair stylist to ask her what I should do for my curly weave and she suggested that I come back in so that she could look at it. She did not have an open appointment until the following week. By the time that I made it in for my appointment, the last two inches of my curly weave was full of split ends and very frizzy. My hair dresser was shocked that it had gotten so bad in less than two weeks. She told me that she had used the same style of curly weave on many of her clients and none of them had ever had a problem like mine. She looked closer at my curly weave and told me that it seemed to be made from lesser quality hair than what normally used on that style of curly weave.

She said that she was not sure why she did not notice the inferior quality when she was putting it in and she apologized for her mistake. She told me that it might be best for me to have her take out my curly weave, which she would do at no cost to me. I asked her what I was supposed to do since I no longer had a curly weave that I could wear and I really liked the style that I had. She planned to send the faulty curly weave back to the company that sold it to her in hopes of getting a complete refund for me. In the mean time, she said that she would supply me with a human hair lace front wig that was an almost identical style to the faulty weave. I was not so sure that I wanted to have a lace front wig, but she said that she did not want me go through the process of getting an identical weave and have it get all frizzy like the first one.

It is quite common these days for a person to know at least one person that has worn a curly weave at one point or another in their lives. Instead of just telling me about how facial shape and skin tone could affect which curly weave would compliment my features, she asked me to choose the one that I liked the most and wanted to wear. I chose a dark brown, straight shoulder length style. She used a special computer program to take a digital picture of me and overlay it with the curly weave style that I had chosen. I could not believe how horrible that curly weave looked on my image on the computer screen. Next, she showed my image with a style of curly weave that I probably never would have chosen. It was a little lighter in color than the one I chose and it had tighter curls hanging down to the shoulders. My image looked spectacular with that style of curly weave and I decided right away that it was the one I would buy with my money.

After you acquire a curly weave, it is important that you take care of it properly in order to keep it looking great longer and protect your natural hair and scalp from any damage that could occur from an unkempt curly weave. Taking care of your weave is not as difficult as you might think and it is definitely worth your while to take care of curly weave since you had to pay quite a bit of money to purchase it. Not taking care of your curly weave or your natural hair while you are wearing the weave could have disastrous results for your natural hair and scalp. Not only would that cost you even more money, but it would cost you lots of pain and suffering.

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